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Herbal-Medicine & Health-Beauty Products Oil--Hair  (total 42 items)
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SKU Name Pict. Brand Type Price (US$) Quantity  
5845643  Almond Herbal Hair Oil
Enriched With Almond, Coconut & Natural Herbs. When Applied This Oil Penetrates Deep Into The Scalp, Nourishing Each Strand From Root To Tip, Promoting Hair Growth. The Effective Coating It Provides Prptects The Hair From Sun, Preventing Greying Of Hair, Giving You Stong, Healthy, Beautiful & Lustrous Problem Free Hair. Product Of India.
   Ancient Formula / Hesh  200 ml Bottle  $7.99    Add to Cart 
8945756  Amla Gold Hair Oil
Unique Hair Oil With Amla, Almond & Henna . For Dry , Damaged & Chemically Treated Hair. Makes Your Hair Long , Strong, Soft & Shiny. Product Of India.
   Dabur  200 ml Bottle  $7.99    Add to Cart 
244A01  Amla Hair Oil
A Natural Care For Beautiful Hair. Combines The Goodness Of Amla Fruit With A Blend Of Vegetable & Mineral Oils To Promote Long , Healthy Hair.
   Dabur  200 ml Bottle  $7.99    Add to Cart 
        300 ml Bottle  $9.99    Add to Cart 
095857  Amla Herbal Hair Oil
For Darker & Healthier Hair Growth. Amla Herbal Hair Oil Has A Unique Formulation Enriched With Amla And Other Trusted Herbs Which Strengthens The Root & Darkens The Hair, To Maintain Their Health & Natural Thickness. With Blend Of Refined Vegetable Oil, Castor Oil & Coconut Oil, It Ensures Deeper Oil Penetration To Give Your Hair & Scalp Complete Nourishment Providing Beautiful Healthy Hair. Product Of India.
   Ancient Formula / Hesh  200 ml Bottle  $7.99    Add to Cart 
243A02  Amla Lite, Non Sticky Hair Oil
Contains Amla & Shikakai, Nourishes & Makes Hair Stronger From Roots And Makes Healthy Hair Without Stickiness. Product Of India.
   Dabur  100 ml Bottle  $5.99    Add to Cart 
        200 ml Bottle  $8.99    Add to Cart 
9347846  Amla Plus Herbal Hair Oil
For Healthy Hair That's Fuul Of Vitality. Contains A Special Blend Of Amla, Henna, Aloe Vera & Almond Oil Which Has Remarkable Nourishing And Conditioning Properties, And Promotes Strong, Lustrous Hair That Is Resistant To Splitting and Is Full Of Life, Healthy & Vitality. Product Of India.
   Emamai  300 ml Bottle  $8.99    Add to Cart 
243A03  Anoop Hair Oil, 100% Herbal
This Herbal Oil Made From Extract Of Indigofere Tinctoria L, Elcipta Alba, Hassk, Cardiospermum Haliccabum, Emblica Officinalis, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Milk & Coconut Oil Base.It Arrests Hair Fall, Tones Scalp.Product Of India.
   Godrej  50 ml Bottle  $12.99    Add to Cart 
243A04  Ayurvedic Hair Oil
Relieves Headache
   Banphool  200 ml Jar  $9.99    Add to Cart 
95857  Banphool Oil, Ayurvedic Cool Medicine
Relieves Headache. A Few Drops Are Usefull For Initial Relief In Hemecrania, Headache, Tooth Ache, Ear Pain, Insomnia, Sun Stroke Etc. Product Of Bangladesh.
   Banphool  200 ml Bottle  $8.99    Add to Cart 
243B01  Bio Amla Hair Tonic, Herbal
Bio Amla Hair Tonic Is Lanolinised & Helps Eliminate Dryness & Controls Dandruff, Restores Strength And Elasticity Of Hair & Stop Hair Loss.Product Of India
   Bio Amla  60 ml Bottle  $8.99    Add to Cart 
405872  Brahmi Amla Herbal Hair Oil
Enriched With Brahmi, Amla & Other Unique Herbs Which Promotes Hair Growth, Makes Hair Strong From Root, Giving You Long, Dark & Healthy Hair. Also Added Castor Oil & Coconut Oil Ensures Deeper Penetration To Give Your Hair & Scalp Complete Nourishment For Long, Dark & Lusterous Soft & Beautiful Problem Free Hair.Made In India.
   Ancient Formulae / Hesh  200 ml Bottle  $7.99    Add to Cart 
243B03  Brahmi Oil     Ramtirth  200 ml jar  $7.99    Add to Cart 
243C01  Castor Herbal Hair Oil
For Darker, Thicker & Denser Hair. Castor Herbal Hair Oil Is A Blend Of Refined Vegetable Oil & Castor Oil Which Nourishes Your Scalp & Strengthens The Root Of Your Hair, Giving You Thicker, Darker & Denser Hair Growth, It Rejuvenates The Hair. Regular Massaging Keeps Mind Cool & Cool. Product Of India.
   Ancient Formula/ Hesh  200 ml Bottle  $7.99    Add to Cart 
243C02  Coconut Oil, India     Parachute  100 ml Jar  $6.99    Add to Cart 
        200 ml Jar  $7.99    Add to Cart 
        500 ml Jar  $9.99    Add to Cart 
95576  Coconut Perfumed Hair Oil
Enriched With The Natural Goodness Of Coconut Oil, Which On Massaging Nourishes The Scalp, Providing Hair Growth, Giving Soft, Silky & Healthy Hair. Regular Use May Help To Prevent Hair Loss & Premature Greying Of Hair. It's Fresh Lingering Fragrance Stays With You All Day Long. Product Of India.
   Ancient Formula / Hesh  200 ml Bottle  $7.99    Add to Cart 
243S02  Dabur ,Special Light Hair Oil
It's Natural Formulation Along With Hibiscus Helps In Quick Absorbtion, While Lemon & Other Active Ingredients Strengthen Roots, Thereby Giving Special Shine To Your Hair With No Oil Look. Product Of India
   Dabur  100 ml Bottle  $5.99    Add to Cart 
        200 ml Bottle  $6.99    Add to Cart 
243H02  Hair Vitalizer, Vitamin H Therapy
Composition: Keratin Hydrolysate, Biolin Usp, Nictolinic Acid, Resorcind BP, Hialky, Povidone, Ethanol IP, Glycerin IP, Purified Water . Applied On Dry Scalp. Apply On Alternate Days & Should Be Continued Even After Improved Result To Maintain Healthy Scalp & Hair Root. Product Of India.
   Dey's  100 ml Bottle  $9.99    Add to Cart 
85645  Himgange Ayurvedic Oil
Medicated Remedy For Pains. Product Of India
   Himgange  200 ml Bottle  $7.99    Add to Cart 
243H04  Himtaj Hair Oil, Ayurvedic
Contains Aqueous Extracts Derived From ---Jatamasi, Agar, Khus, Nagar Motha, Kankol, Chandan, Cinnamon, Ratanjot. Karpur Kachuri, Satabar, Tejabal, Hapusa, Amla, Bahera, Harrar, Keora, Champa, Gulab, Sughandha Bala, Laung & Sat Pudina In Til Oil. Cures Headache, Migrain & Hair-Fall. Best For Memory & Scalp Cooling. Made In India.
   Imported  200 ml Bottle  $8.99    Add to Cart 
243J01  Jabakushum Taila
Good For The Hair & Brain. Product Of India.
   Imported  200 ml Bottle  $8.99    Add to Cart 
243J03  Jasmine Hair Oil
Nourishes Hair, While Providing a Rich Silky Feel And A Delightful Fragrance Of Jasmine Flowers. Keeps Hair Nourished, Long & Excitingly Fragrant. Product Of India.
   Dabur  200 ml Bottle  $7.99    Add to Cart 
243K01  Keo Karpin, Hair Oil
The First Light Hair Oil Of India, Trusted Choice Of Homemaker And Career Women Alike. Has Become Synonymous With Style, Beauty And Health.Enriched With The Goodness Of Olive Oil & Natural Vitamin E. Keo Karpin Promises Strong, Healthy & Silky Hair, With It's Alluring Aroma.Product Of India.
   Dey's  200 ml Bottle  $8.99    Add to Cart 
585763  Keshaamrut, Herbal Hair Oil
An Herbal Preperation , Stops Hair Fall, Prevents Premature Greying, Prevents Dandruff, Ensures Sound Sleep.Product Of India
   Kessaamrut  50 ml Bottle  $10.99    Add to Cart 
243K02  Keshvardhini (Concentrated) Hair Oil     Imported  25 ml jar  $5.99    Add to Cart 
6076968  Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil
Ingredients: Bringaraj In Oil. Product Of India.
   Dabur  200 ml Bottle  $8.99    Add to Cart 

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