Fruit: Pulp,Puree, Paste & Concentrate

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Essence of Figs Puree

Product of Italy ..

Mango (Alfonso) pulp

Product of India ..

Natural Quince Paste

Product of USA ..

Pomegranate Concentrate/ Paste

Made from the seeds of a tart variety of California pomegranate that is commonly used as a flavorin..

Pure FreshTamarind (Thai Fruit) ,Concentrate

Product of Thailand. Scientifically Processed From Thai Fruit ( Tamarind) Grown In Exotic Countrysi..

Quince Jam Paste

Product of Italy ..

Quince Paste

Product of Brazil ..

Tamarind Concentrate, India

Product of India. 100% Pure & Natural Tamarind Extract Only, Used In Preapring Soups, Stews, Gr..

Tamarind Concentrate, Kosher Parve

Ing: Tamarind, Sugar & Sour Salt ..

Umeboshi (Pickled Plum), Paste

Product of Japan. Pickled Plum Puree ..

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