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Autumn Lentil Mix

Autumn Lentil Blend is a seasonal colorful blend of lentils including French lentil (verde de puy),..

Black Beluga Lentil

This Tiny, shiny black & most prizes smallest lentil of the lentil family, indigenous to Syria ..

Castelluccio Lentils ( Umbrian Lentil)

Castelluccio Lentils are the most famous and are the best in Italy. Grown in the high plains of Cas..

Chana Dal/ Split Bengal Gram Dal

Hulled & Split Black Gram( Kala Chana), Also Known As Yellow Lentils. Brought To India By Greek..

Delight Blend w/ Lentil, Dal & Peas

Delight Blend with lentil, dal and split green peas makes a hearty soup to provide no-fat protein t..

Eston Lentil, Small (French Style) Green Lentil

Lentils, world’s oldest cultivated legume, are the seeds of a small shrub and a classic small green..

French Lentil, Lentilles Verte De Puy

These small dark-green lentils is one of the best lentils in the world, also known as ‘Puy lentils’..

Green Lentil (Large), Laired Lentils

Large green lentils with a seed coat - green skin and yellow cotyledon, are known as ‘Laired Lentil..

Healthy Lentil soup Mix ,Top Grade Blend

A delicious 'Healthy Lentil soup Mix',with a blend of masoor and moong dal, is reminiscent of typic..

Horse Gram (Kulith)

Horse Gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum), Locally known as kulath /Kulith, is one of the lesser known bea..

Lenticchie Toscanella (Tuscan Lentils)

 Lenticchie Toscanella, also known as ‘Tuscan Lentils’ are eaten all across Italy. The region o..

Lentils (Lentejas), Premium

Always plump and tender ..

Masoor Dal (Split Red / Pink Lentil), Indian

Split red lentils are skinned Masoor Whole /Indian Brown Lentil (Crimson lentil), remaining reddish..

Masoor Dal (Split Red/ Pink Lentil), Turkish

Split red lentils are skinned Brown Lentil (Crimson lentil), remaining reddish-pinkish seed is then..

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