Paella Flavor-Ready Rice

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Paella flavored rice, a time-saving paella rice, created by infusing the most traditional paella rice, ‘Calasparra’, with the classic seasoning associated with authentic paella. Calasparra Rice is the most commonly used paella rice, because of its delicate growing conditions and its superior absorption of liquid, thus flavor (up to 3 times its volume in liquid). The multi-layered paella seasoning is hand blended in small batches from premium ingredients including pure saffron, garlic, onion, aleppo pepper, paprika, turmeric and other select herbs and spices.
Suggested Use: Paella Rice is expertly flavored and is an immense timesaver to make authentic paella. Simply add Spanish chorizo, chicken or any assortment of proteins and/or vegetables to make an authentic tasting dish. Use 3-3 ½ cups of water/ broth per cup of rice
Basic Preparations: Saute Paella Flavored Rice in olive oil for 2-3 minutes to release the flavors from the seasoning and then proceed depending on the style of paella you wish to prepare. Rice can also be cooked in a more traditional manner to serve as a simple side dish alternative.
Calasparra Rice, may contain 2% or less of Garlic, Salt, onion, Aleppo pepper, Canola oil, Turmeric, Sugar, Spices & Herbs, Paprika and Saffron.

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