Mahlab / Mehleb Or Mahlepi, Whole

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Is an aromatic spice made from the Pits of the 
Wild Black Cheery from Mediterranean region, 
Has Nutty flavor with a hint of 
Bitter Almond and Cherry. 

Ground to a powder before use. Has been used for centuries in 

the Middle East and the surrounding areas as a flavoring for baked goods.

In Greece is used in ‘egg-rich yeast cakes and cookies’, In Cyprus is used 

in a ‘special Easter cheese pie or cheese cake’, Middle East and Anatolia it 

is used in Ramadan sweets including ‘Choreg and ma'amoul’. In Egypt Mahlab is 

made into a paste with honey, sesame and nuts, eaten as a dessert or a snack 

with bread. In Armenia it is used to flavor the traditional Easter bread, ‘Choreg’.

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