Maras (Turkish Pul Biber), Turkish Red Pepper Flakes

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2 oz,6 oz,16 oz,5 lb
Native to Southeastern Turkey the Maras chili is named after Maras a small town in this region (now known as Kahramanmaras). These chilies are naturally wet and are best known for their oily texture and moist appearance.Maras chilies are placed on large tarps where they are sun-dried, de-stemmed, seeded and ground into a crushed flake while still retaining much of their moisture. The aroma is of dried fruit, while the taste is slightly acidic with hints of deep earthy flavors. A medium hot Chile (a bit smoky and a bit sweet) come in at about a 4-6 on the heat scale and 10,000 in scoville heat unit.

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