Tri-colored Couscous, Israeli, Kosher

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Tri-Colored Couscous is a blend paprika and tomato-flavored couscous with plain couscous, made of tiny pasta-pearls from durum wheat semolina flour. When cooked, it has slightly chewy texture, nutty-toasty flavor, offering a colorful presentation and absorbs other flavors well.

Serve Couscous with richly flavorful curries and stews, or toss with marinated vegetables for a delicious salad.

Basic Preparations:
Bring 1-1/4 cups of water to rolling boil, add dash of salt and 1 tsp oil, remove from heat. Add 1 cup couscous, stir and let sit for 5 minutes. Add some butter, fluff with a fork and serve hot.

1 cup dry couscous yields 3 cups cooked couscous

Ingredients: Wheat flour, spinach powder and oleoresin of paprika.

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