Teff Flour

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Teff Flour is a pleasingly light, fine in texture, uniquely nutty in flavor,whole grain flour from “Teff”, an ancient staple grain of Ethiopia. It is nutritionally rich Teff because most of the grain is made up of bran and germ. It has a sweet and malty flavor.it’s a rich source of calcium, magnesium, boron, copper, phosphorus and zinc, too. Teff is also one of the gluten-free grains but Contains twice as much iron as wheat and barley!Teff flour, being so soft and slightly gelatinous when it cooks, makes a perfect ingredient for baking quick breads. Teff makes an excellent pie crust, when you cut it with another gluten-free flour. Ethiopians make a flat crepe-like, yeast-risen bread with a unique, slightly spongy texture, called injera from teff flour. Teff flour can be used as a substitute for part of the flour in baked goods, It is a good thickener for soups, stews, gravies, and puddings and can also be used in stir-fry dishes, and casseroles It takes 150 teff grains to equal the weight of a single wheat grain.

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