Snacks (Seeds & Trail Mixes)

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Kashmiri Mixture

Spicy Blend of Green Gram, Noodles, Potato Stcks, Cashew Nuts &Muskmelon Seeds. Product of Indi..

Kerala Mixture

Authentic Snacks of South India. Ingredients: Gram Flour, Peanuts, Palm Oil, Red Chili, Salt, Cur..

Khatta Mitha

A Sweet & Spicy Blend of Gram Flour Noodles, Puffed Rice, Green Peas & Peanuts. Product of ..

Madras Mix

AS Super Crunchy, Madras-Style Snacks. Ingredients:Chick Pea Flour, Split Chick Peas, Rice Flakes, ..

Malwa Mix

An Authentic Mix From The Region of Malwa. Ingredients:Gram Flour, Pressed Rice, Corn Flakes, Split..

Masala Munch Kurkure

Ingredients:Rice Meal, Vegetable Oil, Corn Meal, Gram Meal, Spices & Condiment, Salt, Black Sal..

Mastana Mix

Spicy & Crunchy Snack Mix. Ingredients:Gram Flour, Pressed Rice, Peanuts, Corn Flakes, Split Gr..

Mixed Vegetable Chips Fancy

Ingredients: Sweet Potato, Squash, Carrot, Green Bean, Taro Root, Soy Bean Oil, Dextrin, Salt ..

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