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Jade Pearl Rice, Bamboo Infused Rice

It’s green! White, pearled rice has been infused with bamboo extract called ‘BamBoom’ to give it a ..

Japonica Rice

Black Japonica Rice combines medium-grain mahogany rice (75%) with a Asian short-grain japonica ric..

Jasmine Rice, Brown, Organic

Jasmine Rice is also referred to as "fragrant rice" due to its floral aroma and flavor. Leaving the..

Jasmine Rice, Organic

Jasmine is an aromatic long grain rice originally grown only in Thailand. Thai fragrant (aromatic) ..

Jasmine Rice, Thai

Thai fragrant (aromatic) rice/ Jasmine scented rice was first cultivated for the royalty of the kin..

Jungle Rice (Samo Seeds)

Also known as 'Vrat Ke Chawal', Mario seeds or Kodri in India. It is the seed of a weed-grass ( Ech..

Kalijira (Gobindbhog / Baby Basmati) Rice

This special premium, short grain- very tiny aromatic rice like ‘Baby Basmati Rice and popularly kn..

Long Grain ( Extra Fancy) White Rice

Light & dry harvested long grain rice grains are milled & polished to remove husk & bra..

Long Grain White & Wild Rice Blend

Atraditional blend of long grain white rice with cultivated wild rice. White & Wild Rice Blend ..

Lundberg Jubilee Rice

Lundberg Jubilee is a colorful aromatic blend of several brown rices, grown by the Lundberg Family ..

Madagascar Pink Rice

Madagascar Pink Rice produced In the Lake Alaotra region, with its abundant growth and satisfying, ..

Mekong Flower Brown Rice, organic

Aromatic Jasmine Rice, Imported from Cambodia, also known as 'Phka Malis,’ (which means beautiful g..

Mochi (Mochigome),Rice

Mochi Rice (Mochigome), the second most common variety of Japanese hulled, short grain, glutinous w..

Murmura (Indian Puffed Rice)

Puffed rice is a classic Indian cereal, also Known as Kurmura, mamra or muri. Puffed rice is made f..

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