Fueru Wakame, Dried Seaweed

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Wakame is a delicious and nourishing sea vegetable, is a species of brown algae with long, delicate leaves that resemble feathers. Fueru Wakame is Wakame has been cut thin and dried. Fueru wakame seaweed is thin, tender and slightly sweet, perfect for any type of diet. Will expand when soaked in water. You only need a little.
Wakame iis a common component in Japaese soups and seaweeds. A versatile ingredient that will add additional flavor slightly sweetness in your cooking. Fueru wakame seaweed is used in many types of dishes such as miso soup and cucumber salad "sunomono", added to ramen noodles for an instant spark of umami flavor, or served with sashimi. Use this with katsuobushi to enhance dashi. Use for a nice crunchy addition to salads or vinegar dishes.
Add a handful of Fueru wakame seaweed to a bowl. Cover with cold water. Let stand 5-10 minutes, or until rehydrated, fully expands and desired tenderness is reached. Drain and place under cold running water to cool down. Add to miso soups or your favorite cucumber salad for a health boost
Wakame, seaweed
Wakame, seaweed

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