Dashi Kombu dried Seaweed

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Kombu is the basic dashi ingredient. Dashi Kombu (Dried Seaweed) is made from dried Japanese kelp.
Dashi Kombu is used to make a salty and very flavorful base for Asian stocks and sauces and is one of the basic ingredients used for ‘Dashi or soup stock’. Kombu is also particularly popular in Japanese cooking and for many health food recipes. It is most commonly used as bases for miso and udon soups.
Dashi Kombu may have white spots, called "mannitto" or "umami seibun", occur as part of the natural drying process of the product and bring out the flavor. it is recommended not to wash Dashi Kombu before use in cooking. Cut off as large (4-6 inch piece) a piece as you need and wipe over with a dry cloth before using, simmer in hot water. Then let it steep for 5-30. Make sure not to boil the water are it will cause the dashi to break up.
Kombu, Sea Vegetable
Kombu, Sea Vegetable

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