Hijiki, Sea Vegetable

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Eden Hiziki 9Hizikia fusiforme) is a dark brown, bushy plant that grows wild in sunny, rocky, environmentally protected coastalarctic currents off the eastern shore of Ise, Japan.Only the prized tender black curls of the tips are washed, sun-dried, steamed, then soaked in the juices of cooked arame to enhance its black colorand dried again naturally. Hiziki has a stronger taste than many sea vegetables, but is deliciously sweet and extremely nourishing.Rich flavor and delicate texture.Hiziki has been a traditional part of the Japanese diet for centuries
To use Eden Hiziki wash under cold water then soak for 15 minutes or longer. Discard the soaking water (or water your plants with it). To use in grain dishes, stuffing, salads, burgers, or croquettes, boil the hiziki for 15 to 20 minutes prior to combining with the other ingredients. For hiziki and vegetable side dishes, cook the hiziki for 25 to 35 minutes with vegetables and season with Eden Shoyu Soy Sauce near the end of cooking.
Hiziki (Hizikia fusiforme), wild
It is fat free and very low sodium. It is believed to enhance hair quality, strengthening it, and adding luster. Many Japanese credit eating of hiziki for their lustrous black hair. It has become popular in America among the health conscious. Disclaimer These statements are not evaluated by the FDA & the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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