Dulse, Whole Leaf, Organic

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Whole leaf Dulse(Palmaria palmata)is soft crimson red sea vegetable that grows on rocks in the cold waters along the northern coasts of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans has adelicious tangy flavor.Organic, wild, hand harvested from Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick. Summer sun and sea breeze dried.
Use Organic Eden Whole Leaf Dulse in salad, soup, chowder, stew, on sandwiches, in stir-fries, dips, hot porridge, and in bread/pizza dough and baked goods, such as scones, Irish soda bread, and biscuits.
For a refreshing, nutritious & crispy snack food, chop and sprinkle pieces on top of pizza before baking. Oven toast at 350° about 5 to 7 minutes.
Organic Dried Whole Dulse
It has been harvested for centuries as valuable food rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and iodine by coastal peoples of North America and Northern Europe.

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