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Appalam ( also known as Popadoms, Pappads, Lentil Wafers ) is a basic part of many South Indian. Thisdeliciously crisp, paper-thin discs (approx 4 inches dia)can be enjoyed as a crunch factor at mealtime, as asnack, or simply for the taste of it.
Indian restaurants have popularized appalam around the world as an appetizer before the meal. It is also eaten asa snack and can be eaten with various toppings such as chopped onions, chutney or other dips and condiments.
Deep Fry - Heat oil in a large deep pan or wok (200 C). Gently drop few rice Pappadum at a time, holding under the oil with tongs. Take out the Pappadum within 3 seconds (Pappadum turns an even golden crips).Drain excess of oil and serve. Grill/BBQ - Place under a hot grill. Cook until the Pappadum turns an even golden crisp. Microwave - Lighty brush both sides of the Pappadum with Cooking oil. Place them in microwave using proper container for approximately 60-90 seconds. Open Flame - Roast them on a low flame. One at a time over a gas flame, using tongs and turning frequently, until they are crisp.
Urad Flour, Rice Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Salt Coconut Oil.
Appalams make not only a tasty, but also a healthy addition to any meal.

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