Garlic Papad

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Garlic Papadam, is a thin, crisp disc-shaped (7 inch dia)Indian Indian cracker or flatbread, typically based on a seasoned dough made fromUrad Flour (black gram).They are served deep fried or roasted on an open flame, which makes them fluffy and crisp. appetizers.
Made from best qualityurad & garlic,these delicious papads are highly popular amidst gourmets and the people having spicy tongue. The aroma and flavor of thesegarlic papads are pleasing to taste and make them ideal for serving in festive parties Papads is the quintessential accompaniment in Indian food. Either served as a starter, appetizer, cooked in curry or as accompaniment; papads are always enjoyed in any form.
Frying: Heat at least 3-4 inches of oil in a large Kadhai or Wok to 375 degree F. When nearly smoking, reduce the heat and drop in papads. It will instantly change color( The whole process takes seconds). Remove using a slotted spoon and drain on paper towels. Fried Pappadams are definetly tastier Grilling: Place under a medium grill until bubbles appear on the surface and the color turns from translucent to opaque. Turn over and repeat the process. Place at least 11/2-inch away from the grill to prevent burning Roasting : Use flat tongs or chimta and hold the papad with them over the flame. Turn the papad quickly and frequently to cook them evenly. As soon as the papad changes color and begins to curl at the edges, it is done. microwave: place a paper towel on the microwave plate and spread two or three papads at a time, leaving enough room for them to expand. Set a minute or two on high. It should be done.
Urad dal flour, Galic, Green Chili, Sodium Bicarbonate,Salt, Edible Vegetable Oil.

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