Khichiya (Rice Papad), Cumin (Jeera)

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Khichiya, Rice papadrefers to the famous spicy wafers commonly eaten in India as snacks with tea or at lunch or dinner.
This crisp wafer can be used during a main course, or even after a meal, either plain or with sauces.
Deep Fry - Heat oil in a large deep pan or wok (200 C). Gently drop few rice Pappadum at a time, holding under the oil with tongs. Take out the Pappadum within 3 seconds (Pappadum turns an even golden crips).Drain excess of oil and serve. Grill/BBQ - Place under a hot grill. Cook until the Pappadum turns an even golden crisp. Microwave - Lighty brush both sides of the Pappadum with Cooking oil. Place them in microwave using proper container for approximately 60-90 seconds. Open Flame - Roast them on a low flame. One at a time over a gas flame, using tongs and turning frequently, until they are crisp. Serve Mini Plain Papads with your choice of Pickles orChutneys.
Rice Flour, Tapioca Flour, Potato Flour, Cumin Seeds, Salt & Edible Oil.

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