Kerupuk (krupuk) Ikan (Fish Crackers)

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  • Country of Origin: Indonesia

Fish cracker (krupuk ikan) is particularly popular in Southern Sumatran city of Palembang and also on the island of Bangka. They are a popular snack foodin parts of Southeast Asia and East.
Used as snacks and as side dishes for meal
This cracker is uncooked and need to be fried. Put some oil into fry-pan, wait for a few minutes untill the oil is hot. Then put the fish crackers one by one into the hot oil. turn it, and lift it up to your dish. do it continously in the same way. If desired, they can also be baked or roasted. They can be fried directly at any time without any preliminary drying process.
Tapioca Flour, Fish(cybium), Salt

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