Frymus/ Farfar, Cut Okra (Bhindi) Colored Pellets

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  • Country of Origin: India
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Rich, tasty and crispy Okra cut fryums are a type of snacks that is popular all over India. Fryums is basically a cereal based 'ready to fry' pellets.
Fryums/Far-far puff up instantly when deep fried. Seasoned with chat masala, these fryums make for a great crunchy Indian snack, specialy a tea time snacks. Makes for a great substitute to papad as it is ready toeat
Oil Fry : At the time of serving...heat oil in a pan. When the oil is hot enough...fry few fryums at a time... it takes less than 20 seconds to get remove immediately using slotted spoon. Oil free roasting / roasting in microwave: Place a flat, microwave safe dish/Paper plate in a microwave and arrange fryums with enough space in between them so that they have space to expand. Microwave on high till they are done. It will take about 25 seconds
Basmati rice flour, Vegetable oil, Tapioca starch, Salt, Sodium Bi Carbonate, food colors ( FD&C Red #3 & #40, Yellow #5 & #6, Green #3)
Fryums/Farfar are not junk food! They are safe, healthy, and absolutely delicious vegetarian snacks to supplement a nutritious diet.

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