Kalonji ( Nigella ) Seeds

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  • Country of Origin: India

Kalonji is the seed of annual flowering plant, generally known as 

‘Black Cumin Seed’, ‘Kalo Jira’, ‘Habbal Barakah’, ‘Mangrail’, 

‘Chernuska’, but misleadingly named as ‘Black Onion Seed, or 

‘Black Caraway Seed’. Pleasantly bitter with peppery taste 

& slightly pungent.

Used in Indian & Middle eastern dishes in breads, savory pastries, 

spice blends, pickles & relishes, chutneys, salads, curries, dal 

and vegetable dishes.

It is common to fry or dry roast the seeds before using them or 

added to cooking oil, the seeds impart a distinctive flavor.


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