Calcium Hydroxide (Hydrated / Slaked Lime Powder), Food Grade / FCC

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Calcium Hydroxide (Ca(OH)2), also known as Chuna or Pickling Lime. It is low in toxicity, is slightly soluble in water, has mildness of its basic properties and has many applications for food.Used for pickling; fortify fruit drinks; process water for alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. Also used to treat corn to make Posole, Masa Harina or Corn tortillas.

Suggested Recipe to treat Corn for ‘Posole’::

Soak 1 cup corn with 2 cups of water overnight, bring to boil, add 1tbsp Calcium Hydroxide, stir to dissolve, boil for 15 minutes, let soak for few hours, drain, rinse and remove hulls.

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