Cardamom Green, Decorticated Seeds

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(Elettaria cardamomum)

Decorticated cardamom is the tiny inner seeds of green cardamom pods, known as ‘Ilachi Dana’ or ‘Budhur al-Hayl’. Green Cardamom is one of the world’s very ancient spices, grown in the evergreen rain forest of southern India. It has many tiny inner seeds (Approximately 5-12 seeds are in one pod) that has a warm & sweet-aromatic fragrance with a delicate citrus and floral Scent.

Simply grind as needed or toast beforehand to better release their flavor. Commonly Used in Indian, Persian, Turkish, Arab and African cuisines in meat, rice & sweet dishes. Also used to flavor tea, coffee and baked Goods.

Cardamom’s Stimulant & Carminative property used for Indigestion & flatulence, also detoxify the Body of Caffeine.

When chewed it gives a pleasant taste, freshen up the breath, increase salivation & gives warm sensation in the mouth.

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