Chilhuacles Negro, Dried Chili Whole

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0.5 oz,2 oz
Chilhuacle Negro, A very ancient, rare chile grows in Oaxaca, in the La Cañada area, in Mexico. One of the most flavorful of all chili, has a deep, intense fruit flavor, with tones of dried plum, tobacco, and liquorice, and a subtle, spicy heat about a 4-5 on a heat scale of 1-10 and 1250-2000 on the Scoville Heat unit..

Chilhuacles Negro Chilies are considered by some cooks to be the tastiest chili, and are highly desired. Chilhuacle Negro, is one of the main ingredients in black mole sauces, one of Oaxacas seven mole sauces for their rich, smoky flavor.

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