Coconut Water Powder

Size: 2 oz
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2 oz,16 oz
Made from the juice of young coconuts, is rejuvenating and rich in essential electrolytes. The Coconut water powder has a light and sweet, nutty flavor and known as ‘nature's sports drink’ for super-hydrating effect. Coconut water is an excellent source of nutrients and energy, aid in digestion and metabolism, helps relieve muscle cramps and spasms, improve metabolism and fight bacteria and viruses; combating intestinal worms, parasites, lipid-coated viruses & other gastrointestinal tract infections; aids in flushing the liver and helping increase HDL (good) cholesterol. Suggested Use: To prepare a refreshing glass of coconut water, mix 1 tablespoon of the powder with 1 cup of water or mix to smoothies, juice, drinks or stirred into puddings and yogurt.

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