Cubeb Berry Powder

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Cubeb Berry


Tailed Pepper, Kababchini

(Piper cubeba)

Cubeb Berry, is also known as ‘Java Black Pepper’,grown in Java and Sumatra in Indonesia, and the dried berries have stalks (tail) attached.

Intensity: Spicy (4/10)

Flavor & Taste: Pungent like allspice, a little bit peppery, aromatic, slightly biting & bittersweet with tangy flavor.

Uses: Used in savory and sweet dishes, lamb or mutton stews and biriyani, fish, seafood, meat patties and fruit salads.

Cubeb berries has reputation as a fertility aid, stimulates and aids the urinary tract.*


These statements and uses are not evaluated by the FDA & the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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