Grains of Selim (Negro Pepper/ Senegal Pepper/ Uda-Hwentea)

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Grains of Selim

Uda Pods / Negro Pepper/ Kili Pepper

(Xylopia aethiopica)

Grains of Selim, the famous African pepper, are the wild seed pods of African shrubby tree, grows throughout tropical Africa.

Intensity: Spicy (4/10)

Flavor & Taste: Moderately piquant, musky, fragrance of smoked herbs with notes of bitter cocoa.

Uses: Traditionally used to replace common black pepper and in African spice blends. Also used to enhance fish dishes, vegetable soups, stews, sauces, grilled beef or chicken skewers.

Note: It has a slight bitter taste so should be used in moderation. Grains are often smoked then ground with pestle and mortar.

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