Kashmiri Chai

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A blend of green tea, sweet spices & nuts to make ‘Kahva’ or ‘Kashmiri Tea’, a favorite tea beverage of Kashmir region of Pakistan and India.

Ingredients: Green tea, cinnamon chips, cloves, almonds, crushed green cardamom, & cardamom seeds with almond & cinnamon flavor.

To make Pink Kashmiri Chai: In a sauce pan pour a cup of water & 1-2 tsp tea, boil till frothy. Add 1/2 tsp the Soda-bicarbonate & whisk vigorously,add more 1 cup water & boil until the tea broth becomes a bright red. Lower the heat to medium low, add 2 cups milk & whisk vigorously to achieve a slight froth & pink color. Finally add ¼-1/3 tsp salt or sugar (your choice) & stir. Pour in to a cup, sprinkle some crushed pistachios & serve.

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