Nori Sea Vegetable, Traditional Japanese (10sheets)

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Eden Nori (Porphyra tenera)Sea Vegetable is a red algae or deep purple lavercultivated off the west shore of Ise Bay in Japan,on nets supported by bamboo poles. Fully developed fronds/leaves are hand harvested, washed, chopped and placed in mixers. It is then pressed between woven reed mats and sun-dried into flat, paper-thin sheets. Eden nori is a lustrous purple black color with a fine aroma.

Eden Nori is the best tasting sea vegetable, sweet delicate.
Eden Nori is not toasted. It takes only seconds, turning it a bright green. Essential for making sushi, nori rolls and rice balls. After toasting, nori makes a wonderful garnish when sliced or crumbled over grain, vegetables, soups, noodles, and salads.

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