Soujouk (Sujuk) Spice Mix

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Soujouk (Sujuk)
Spice Mix
Soujouk / Sujuk is a spicy dry cured sausage, similar to salami, consists of ground meat (usually beef), seasoned with ‘Soujouk spice mix’, stuffed into a sausage casing, let it dry, before it is consumed. Soujouk/ Sujuk is very popular in Turkish, Armenian, Bulgarian and Albanian cuisine.

Fenugreek, Red Chili, Cumin, Salt, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Clove.

Simple recipe to make Soujouk:
Mix 2lb ground meat and 1tbsp seasoning mix, until smooth. Set aside for 1 hour. Stuff into 28-32mm sheep casings, making 18" (45 cm) links, and tie with twine. Place the sausages on a newspaper in a well vented place with a flat board on top of them. Keep until the meat firms up and turns dark red (24-48hours). Remove weight and hang the sausages to dry in a cool, well ventilated area. After 4 days, the sausages are ready to eat. Slice sausage into 1/2 inch thick slices and fried with eggs. Garnish with tomatoes and a drizzling of garlic sauce, serve in a pita.

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