Vadouvan French-Influenced South Indian Spice Mix

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South Indian Spice Mix
This unique blend of aromatic spices, originated in French conquered Southern India. It adds depth and the flavors that are richer and more savory, and gives more rich and roasted qualities, when fried in fat, oil or butter.
Used to make French-style braised chicken, curried chicken, grilled shrimp, fish or use instead of regular curry powder for more authentic flavor.
Suggested Usage: Use ¼ -½tsp Vadouvan Spice Mix per pound of Chicken.
Onion, Garlic, Fennel, Turmeric, Cardamom, Cumin, Mustard, Fenugreek, Thyme, Curry Leaf, Rosemary, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Nutmeg, Cloves.

Simple recipe for French style Curried Chicken:
Melt 1tbsp unsalted butter in a stockpot over medium high heat, put (3lbs total) split chicken breast pieces with ribs, at the bottom in batches. Allow to create a nice brown crust on the chicken, turn over after 3 min., sear other side for another 3 minutes transfer them in a plate. Lower heat to medium, melt 2tbsp unsalted butter in the same pan, add ½ cup chopped white onion, 2 cloves of garlic,1tsp salt, 1/4tsp ground black pepper & 1½tsp ‘Vadouvan spice mix’, stir for few minutes. Add the chicken pieces, 1 cup chicken stock, 1 pc bay leaf, cover & place in the preheated oven at 350 degrees, cook for 40 min. may add salt & pepper, if required. Serve hot with Indian Nan bread or Basmati rice.

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Jimmy Slacks
Delightful and beguiling spice blend

Can’t go wrong with Kalustyan’s version of this spice blend - a fantastic pantry staple.

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